It’s not that easy to play a proper boogie piano. If you want to play similar to the greatest of this genre, it might help to be able to read music notes and sheets. Many musicians deny to learn the skill of reading music notes. However, it  helps to figure out, what others have done before. Of course one could transcribe, but it would take ages. And not everyone is able to improvise himself in a self satisfying way. And why reinvent the wheel, if others have done it already?

Like with any art to master, it needs to begin from the beginning, or at least almost. Depending on what technical skills on the piano you’ve already achieved, it may help to just start with eaysier exercises.


On this page we just try to give a rough overview, where to start and where to continue with the art of mastering the boogie piano

     For Beginners

  For Intermediate

     For Advanced