Modern Day Boogie Woogie

More than a century after boogie woogie originated, this music style is kept alive by a growing number of professional boogie woogie pianists and thousands of amateur players. Below are some of the current-day boogie woogie greats, some of which have issued their own sheet music.

Ben Waters
At age 35, Ben Waters is a great boogie woogie talent. The past year he has been touring with Axel Zwingenberger, Charlie Watts as The ABC & D of Boogie Woogie. His energetic style ensures spectacular rock ‘n’ roll shows. Waters has shared the stage with artists like Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Status Quo and The Beach Boys.
Carl Sonny Leyland
Carl Sonny Leyland was born in the UK but moved to New Orleans after discovering boogie woogie music. Throughout his career he has explored various jazz and blues styles and he is particularly renowned for his repertoire of the early and lesser-known blues pianists. Leyland also tours with rockabilly bands.
Lasse Jensen
Also known as The Boogie Dane, Lasse Jensen rose to attention through the energetic perfomances in his YouTube videos. Listing Axel Zwingenberger as his greatest idol, Lasse had the opportunity to play with this boogie woogie master on several occasions. Check out his interview here.
Eeco Rijken Rapp
By uploading his boogie woogie videos to YouTube, Eeco Rijken Rapp carved a place out for himself in the small world of boogie woogie. After ten years of classical piano training, he switched to boogie woogie. His effortless and smooth style guarantee him a full calendar of gigs, from bars to boogie woogie festivals.
Silvan Zingg
Swiss boogie woogie ambassador Silvan Zingg is not only an accomplished blues and boogie woogie player. He also organises the annual International Boogie Woogie Festival in Lugano. The 2011 edition will mark the 10th anniversary of this festival, one of the best-liked on the boogie woogie festival calendar.
 Axel Zwingenberger
Probably the most famous boogie woogie pianist worldwide, German-born Axel Zwingenberger fell in love with boogie woogie after 11 years of classical piano training. He reached an extraordinary level and played with all the boogie woogie greats. Axel also issued a revolutionary boogie woogie sheet music book.


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