Nico BrinaNico Brina from Switzerland is the world’s fastest boogie woogie pianist, according to the Guinness World Records Book. During his concerts, he demonstrates why he deserves this title. Apart from being a fast boogie woogie pianist, he also plays some great blues. In this interview we get to know Nico a little better.

Who are your great musical heroes and examples?
Elvis Presley hits my heart, Ray Charles knows how to touch my soul, and Oscar Peterson is just a ‘devil on the 88 keys’!

What tips or suggestions do you have for people who would like to learn to play boogie woogie?
Love it, do it and never give up! Work hard and have always fun.

How was your very first gig?
Really cool! I really enjoyed my first concert. It was 1984 so I hardly remember it.

How do you organize gigs?
Most of the time it is people who contact me and ask me to come and play. But when I want to start a new project, for example in a new country, then I search by myself. I would really like to play in the Canary Islands, for example, and I have already made some contacts.

You’ve done concerts in the Dominican Republic. How was that?
Always great and wonderful! I’m touring for more than 10 years in the Dominican Republic now. First I started in doing vacation. Then I wanted to stay there longer, and I can’t do just vacation without playing piano. So I decided to start a musical project. And here we are. I go there every year, and it’s just great!

What are your career plans for the near future?
Play, play, play and have fun with the public – yeah, let’s Boogie!

Nico Brina - Rock The Boogie (Official Clip)