Johan Blohm (1962) is a Swede who grew up listening to his father’s country and rock ‘n’ roll records. The influence of Jerry Lee Lewis, his musical hero, can be heard in his vocal and piano style. Visit his website for his full biography, video clips and CD’s. Listen to Johan’s latest album, Reconsider Me, on Spotify.

Can you tell how your discovery of boogie woogie music was?
My first experience of real genuine boogie woogie was when I saw an old video clip on TV with Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson playing a duet, the song was “Boogie Woogie Dreams” and I was blown away by the grove and the energy that came out of these two pianos. Since that day I have been a Boogie Woogie fan.

Did you already play the piano when you first heard boogie woogie music?
Yes, I did play piano for many years before I came across real Boogie Woogie music. I started playing piano when I was six years old and up until I was about thirty years old I played rock ‘n’ roll and country in the tradition of Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich and Mickey Gilley. This is what I still play most of the time but these days I spice it up a little with some boogie woogie.

Which boogie woogie sheet music books did you use while learning this music style?
I never used any sheet music books, I taught myself to play boogie woogie. I can’t read sheet music. I listened to the old masters like Albert Ammons, Amos Milburn, Pete Johnson and Freddie Slack and got ideas and inspiration from them.

I taught myself everything I play, everything I do is more or less improvised and doesen’t come out exactly the same every time. The backside of teaching yourself is that you don’t get everything right but the great thing is that you get a unique style, haha!