Boogie Woogie music has been around for almost a century but it wasn’t until the 1930s and 1940s that it became a big hit.

Boogie Woogie is a kind of blues played on a piano but where blues is typically associated with music that has plenty of emotions, boogie Woogie is meant to be danced to. You will find that the lyrics of early boogie woogie songs contained instructions for listeners on how to dance to the tune.

Main Pianists of Boogie Woogie
There are more than a dozen musicians who tried their hand in playing Boogie Woogie. History shows that Albert Ammons was one of the many who had a big influence to this kind of piano playing with his hit “Boogie Woogie Stomp”. There were two more pianists who made a name for themselves alongside Ammons and these are Pete Johnson and Meade Lewis.

Before these heavyweitghts came into the spotlight, the Boogie Woogie piano music was on the shoulders of ‘Pine Top’ Smith and Jimmy Yancey. Nowadays, Boogie Woogie piano music is being played by artists such as Silvan Zingg, Rob Rio and Axel Zwingenberger. These artists are also considered to be among the best contemporary artists of their time.

History of Boogie Woogie
Researchers have yet to identify the origins of Boogie Woogie but there are many who claim that the term itself was coined from four African terms such as Boog, Booga, Bogi and Mbuki Mvuki. All of these terms are referring to the same things and these are dancing, percussiveness and behaviors that are totally uninhibited. These terms show that the Boogie Woogie may had originated from Africa and was brought to the United States by African-Americans.