Here you can watch the greatest boogie artists „right at work“. We did some research on the internet to collect the most inspiring videos of this genre. We are constantly at work to frequently present selected videos.

Though most of them are boogie related, we also tried to find videos, that could inspire others to improve their skills and musical horizon.

Most of the boogie artist have been and still are men. But there had also been amazing ladies among them, even in the early times of boogie woogie, when woman were mostly concidered to be not more than a pretty background. We also try to show some of the work of these outstanding and tough women.

Hannes Otahal – Boogie Woogie Walker

Austrian Boogie master Hannes Otahal playing one of his original Compositions.  Authorizes musc sheets can be found on his publisher’s site.

The Boogie Woogie Kid – Swanee River Boogie

The Swanee River Boogie is a piano boogie piece based on the mid-19th century song The Old Folks At Home. Famous pianist Albert Ammons adapted the song to his relentless boogie woogie style, scoring a million sales of the hit in 1936.

Hannes Otahal – Bumble Boogie

Austrian Boogie master Hannes Otahal playing his amazing boogie version of Rijmsky-Korsakov’s „Flight of the bumble bee.  Authorizes musc sheets can be found as PDF download on his publisher’s site. There is also a printed version available.

Oscar Peterson – Oscar’s Boogie

Without any doubt Oscar Peterson was one of the most outstanding pianists of the last decades. Mostly known as a jazz pianist, who played with almost every famous jazz musician, he also was an outstanding boogie artist as well. With his astonishing musical and technical abilities he went far beyond the borders achievable for most of his colleagues. He was just amazing..

Martha Davis – Martha’s Boogie

Born in Kansas and raised in Chicago, Martha Davis acomplished a remarkable career before her early deaath of cancer aged 42 in 1960. Mostly known as a singer, she was an outstanding pianist and also reached placings in the billboard charts