The Real Blues ‘n Boogie Buch

H. Wiedemann & C. Willisohn
108 pages

€ 29.00 at

Despite their awful titles, the tunes in this book really sound great. This sheet music comes with a CD so you know exactly what your end result should be.

These are original compositions by acclaimed blues pianist Christian Willisohn from Germany. I have just got my hands on this book and I am currently working on a fantastic blues arrangement titled Go Str8 4 it (I told you).

The very talented Luca Sestak has posted various videos of him playing songs from The Real Blues ‘n Boogie Buch. He calls it an “awesome book” and it certainly has helped shape him as a semi-professional boogie woogie player. Even if you’ve just begun playing boogie woogie and you think you’re not yet an intermediate pianist, get yourself a copy. This book will raise your level thanks to the exercises that precede each tune.

Below is one tune from the book I like, titled Canthecitysound, played by Luca:

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